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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smuggers and other stories...

Embarrassment, rejection, uncertainty,

All part of a days work for a newly published writer.

This has been a long long week...doubled by the fact that I've stayed up until three in the morning for four nights and I'm kind of like a ten o'clock bedtime girl.  But I'm excited...too excited to sleep.  So I stay up pounding the key board, riding the high slippery wave of exhilaration...and then I wake up in the morning wiped out on the beach.

I went on a marketing blitz this week and ended up posting about a million announcements with a typo.  Not just any typo, but one that designates my antagonist as a Smugger, not a smuggler.

To add insult to injury I discovered the same typo on my sale page at


Meanwhile while I flounder through the self publishing trenches my first novel, the child of my author's heart, has languished with two agencies.  After eight months I finally heard from both.

One letter had this theme:

We like it, but not enough.  Actually we'd like you to come in and get down to brass knuckles on this, but you can't because you're not in Europe.
We aren't taking any new clients at the moment really...Do you have anything else we can read? We really like you're writing.  Just not enough. Sort of.

The second letter came after eight months of switching between agents and sending letters and revisions back and forth.  A one sentence line with a misspelled word (See even agents make mistakes!) suggesting I look at another agent as they are overbooked.  That, without even reading my book.

Self publishing is starting to look better and better, even with the mistakes and the late nights.  It's like home school for novels.  I get to decide what influences what I write.  Me.  Warts and all.

And that might be okay.


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